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February 17, 2018

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind”
(Romans 12:2)

Transformational Leaders! What do they look like? What does it mean to be a leader who is engaged in transformation?

As a group of spiritual leaders were recently struggling with that word, I suggested maybe a way of expressing it would be to say “a new kind of spiritual leader”. I think that is the essence of transformation. Transformation brings the church, your family, and yourself into a new way of being and doing more like Christ!

There is a lot of inner and outer transformation going on within me. I know when I get triggered, I don’t like the outcome that often results. I am learning new ways to handle those situations and be more what God intends for me.

We are living in a vastly different world now than the world in which most of us learned to be followers of Jesus and in which most of our churches were structured and ordered. What worked thirty years ago no longer is effective in engaging people outside the church in a relationship with Jesus and in involvement in God’s mission in the world.

Most of us are in a place of discomfort and what a wonderful place it is! Marcia Reynolds says in her talk “How to Masterfully Spark Transformation” the following:

“Learning happens in the moment of uncertainty. The barrier that protects a person’s sense of self and the world is momentarily breached, leaving the person vulnerable enough to learn. The discomfort ranges from slight to profound but is temporary while the brain is reinterpreting information, leading to a new awareness. When you listen with your entire nervous system to someone who is resistant or stuck, you are better able to hear how to use reflective statements and powerful questions to create the important moment of growth.”

Where is the discomfort in our life? In our church? That is the place that is open most to the transformational work of God!

Cultivating Transformational Leaders,


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