Blessed are the peacemakers.

Forever Wild

August 4, 2018

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”
(Matthew 5:8)

Our Will or God's?

The core values of Jesus – His heart and soul – His center of focus and decision making – is expressed so supremely and succinctly in the Beatitudes. “Blessed are the pure in heart” is probably best translated “Blessed are the single minded”. Tilden Edwards, former Director of the Shalem Institute, says, “The pure in heart see without guile or pretense, without ultimate self-conscious protection or assertion. They desire with their whole being to see life whole in God”. In other words, when our hearts are full of God’s love and we are centered and intent on pursuing God’s Kingdom – loving everyone for they are created in God’s image, seeking peace in all our relationships and doggedly working for equal justice, we will clearly see God at work in our lives and in the lives of our churches!

In the spring, I asked several of the Clergy/CRE groups in the Presbytery the following question: “How do you see God is at work in your life? In the life of your church?”

It was stunning to hear how our leaders see God at work among you! Wow!!!

I told them of an experience I had. It had been a long day. I had driven from Casper to Cheyenne early in the day, thankfully without much wind. The Southeast Clergy/CRE group had gathered and then had lunch. I subsequently drove another 3.75 hours to Green River to habitat for the evening. When I arrived I was tired, and I missed two turns and found myself lost. I found myself more than frustrated, I was mad. I finally calmed down enough to find the hotel, get some supper and go to bed. Several days later, I wrote the following in my journal:

Being Lost
“This is about not being connected to my true self – to God’s dream.”

Later, I reflected and experienced the following: “We are living in a day when the old models of being the church – the living presence of Jesus – no longer work. There are no maps telling us where to go and how to effectively connect people with God and God’s mission. We are now moving off the known maps and in the process of listening to God and living out God’s love, we will get lost!

I need to be single-minded/pure in heart. Then, I will see the way forward in Christ more clearly!! Then, I will see God!”

How are we seeing God at work? Are we single-minded? Are we doggedly intent – not on our own will – on God’s will?

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