Blessed are the peacemakers.

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September 29, 2018

"Blessed are the small churches"
“The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, which a person took and planted in his field”
(Matthew 13:31)

Just recently, I was reminded of a reality that is occurring in our churches! Big churches are growing and small churches are shrinking! I asked myself “Does this mean we give up on small churches?” I have come to the conclusion, “NO!” (Small is the way the kingdom of God begins and is best exemplified in our communities!)

There is great research out there that validates the above!! In a provocative, aspiring article “7 Revolutionary Principles for the Small Church that Founded America”, author Karl Vaters boldly asserts, “It was a small church that founded the United States of America and changed the world”. He states seven things we can learn from the brave pilgrims who risked their lives to explore God’s adventure for them. I will share five of these:

  1. “They had a healthy dissatisfaction with Church as Usual.”
    There was no religious freedom in England at the time and they wanted something different in their worship and community together.
  2. “They were willing to do something about it.”
    “Like a lot of their bible heroes, they left (England) without knowing where they’d end up.”
  3. “They risked everything for what they believed.”
    “This was a one-way trip. They knew they’d never return. In fact, chances were less than 50/50 that they would survive the trip to America.”
  4. “They persevered.”
    “The New World was not the Promised Land. Life was hard. Much harder than in either England or the Netherlands• They lived a lot of years at a notch below survival level. But, like hundreds of small churches before and after them, they held onto their faith, they cared for each other and they stood up for what’s right.”
  5. “They changed the world.”
    Our communities will not be changed by mega-churches!! “The rich and powerful seldom change the world. Why would they? It’s obviously working for them.”
  6. Of the 28 churches in the Presbytery of Wyoming, twenty are small!!! The early church, from Jesus to the 4th Century, was all small churches and look how they changed the world!! I invite you to be part of God’s transformation of our communities and world. Let’s join God’s re-creation project and see what might happen!

    Equipping Christ-Followers to Go into the Neighborhoods,


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