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June 16, 2018

Vision & Values


  • Cultivating Transformational Leaders
  • Equipping Christ’s followers to go into the neighborhood


  • Faith – to identify as Christians and Presbyterians as stated in Scripture and in our Creeds, ordered in our polity, and expressed through our worship of the one triune God.
  • Generosity – to follow the example of Jesus, to engage in God’s mission, and to give abundantly of ourselves and our resources in the service of others.
  • Transformational leadership – to embrace and encourage the cultivation of transformational leaders in the churches and presbytery.
  • Teamwork – to work cooperatively as one body of Christ.
  • Engaged Listening – to seek God’s will in an environment of mutual trust and integrity where each person’s thoughts and feelings are honored.

General Presbyter Sabbatical

From Melinda Brazzale, Moderator, Presbytery Council

Steve Shive, the General Presbyter of Presbytery of Wyoming, has been granted a sabbatical and will be away from his job during the months of June and July 2018 and also the month of December 2018. He has opted to divide up the three months to work around Presbytery events.

During the time he is away, all issues relating to pastors or concerns within your church are to be communicated to the Committee on Ministry Moderator, Bob Garrard. His cell # is (307) 631-4750 and his e-mail address is Bob will be unavailable from June 19-31 and from July 12-31. During this time, you may contact COM member Larry Turpin at (773) 715-3926 and his e-mail is

All issues relating to finances should be directed to Interim Bookkeeper Trenda Weisshaar. Her e-mail is

All general communications may be made with Jan DeBeer, Administrative Assistant, by calling the Presbytery Office at (307) 472-4717.

Any polity or Book of Order questions may be directed to Mark Owens, Stated Clerk at

All issues regarding Presbytery personnel or items that need attention before the October Presbytery meeting may be addressed to Melinda Brazzale at

Dr. Shive will not be reading or responding to any business e-mail or text during his sabbatical. Thank you for respecting his time of rest and renewal!

Celebrating 50 Years of Christian Ministry

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Rev. Allen J. Schoonover and De Schoonover invite you to attend a special worship service, lunch and celebration program in recognition of Rev. Allen J. Schoonover’s 50 Years in Christian ministry. Join us Sunday, June 24th from 10:30am – 2pm at Star Valley United Church in Thayne, Wyoming. Please RSVP to Carole Rush at If you’re unable to attend but would like to send a card, please send to Carole Rush, PO Box 770, Thayne, WY 83127.

General Assembly 

June 17-25
St. Louis, Missouri

The following is from an article by Jerry Van Marter:

"Business comes to the General Assembly in basically one of three ways:

  1. Reports — Agencies, special committees and commissions of the General Assembly report on the work they have done since the previous General Assembly, to which they are all accountable. Most reports come in the form of “responses to referrals” in which a previous Assembly has asked that something be done, and the assigned agency reports back on how it has responded to the Assembly’s referral.
  2. Overtures — Overtures are resolutions on various topics that have been submitted to the General Assembly by presbyteries or synods seeking action by the whole church. Every overture must receive concurrence by another presbytery or synod to be considered by the Assembly.
  3. Commissioners’ resolutions — These are submitted by any two commissioners to the General Assembly on matters that are of great interest to those commissioners and which they believe have not been addressed in reports or by overtures."

Please pray for the Assembly as it gathers and for our commissioners!  

Join us for a GenOn Encounter!

This Encounter is designed to help your church grow relationships through this transformative children’s ministry!

What At the 1-day GenOn Encounter, you will experience the 4 PARTS (Recreation, Bible Study, Worship Arts, and Family Time), learn the WHY behind each part, understand the strong emphasis on GROWING CHRISTIAN RELATIONSHIPS, discover how the BIBLICAL, PROCESS OF CALLING VOLUNTEERS can staff all ministries in the church, and network with others who have the same JOYS AND CHALLENGES as you.
For more information visit:
When Saturday, June 30th from 8am to 5pm
Where Laramie First United Methodist Church (UMC)
1215 E. Gibbon St., Laramie, WY
How Costs for non-host churches: $145 per person before May 30; $170 per person after May 30. There will be a $8/person meal fee payable to the host church on the event date.
Register online at:
Information Beth Bear w/ UMC @ 307-399-6553 or

Download Flyer

Remote Vacation Bible School

Greetings to the body of Christ,

For the third year in a row, the Recreation, Outdoor Camping, Conferences and Service (ROCCS) Committee is once again hosting Remote Vacation Bible Schools within the presbytery. This year we have three events planned to date.

June 17-22 will see the chuck wagon at Camp Story for the Westward Migration Camp. There we will be making ropes, making butter, doing some cooking, teaching Westward Migration history and many other fun activities.

Next we will move to Encampment for a four day VBS June 25-28. The VBS for the youth will begin at 3:00 p.m. and run until 6:00 when we will have a sing-a-long around the campfire, short message and chuck wagon cookout for the community. The goal is to be able to witness to the adults of each community as well as the children. The good news is that we have a large number of volunteers coming to help with this VBS. Visitors are welcome.

Then the final VBS scheduled so far will be in Gillette August 6-10. We could use some more help for this VBS. We can use lesson leaders, Trail Guides to herd the youth from one station to another and craft helpers (The more the merrier. For the youngest youth one on one is ideal and it is a fantastic way to build relationships.)

There is also a need for horse wranglers, camp and cook’s helpers who can help set up, prepare the meal and clean up afterwards. You may come in for one day or for a week.

And if you have a story about the work of Jesus in your life, we would welcome you to share that story at the campfire. We can all witness to Christ through our presence. And you don’t have to be a member of these three communities to drop by and join us for any part of a day or evening.

The theme is the same western one we have been using entitled Happy Trails, the West of the Story. “Everybody has a little cowboy in ‘em. You’ve just got to let it loose.”

Cowboys and Cowgirls will enjoy this Western themed VBS as they gather at God’s Country Opening, eat at the Chuck Wagon, play at Round Up Rodeo Games, make crafts at the Log Cabin; sing at Cowboy Serenade and travel to the Bible Workshops at Thunder Gap Gold Mine, One Room School House, Home on the Range, Tumbleweed Barn and the Sherriff’s Office.

Each day the youth will move from one station to another as they enjoy Worship, Storytime, Snacks, Recreation, Crafts, Bible Study and singing. When able, we also like to provide horse drawn wagon rides and offer youth and adults the opportunity to make their very own ropes and churn butter.

Shell Painting!

First Presbyterian Church, Cheyenne is engaging in mission within the Presbytery and is practicing loving and supporting one another!  

The week of June 26th, a group of youth and women from FPC, Cheyenne will be heading to Shell to prepare and paint the Shell Community Church.  Matt Woodard, Youth Director, will be leading the group and coordinating the activities!  They are certainly embodying the Presbytery's new values of generosity, teamwork and listening!  What an exciting way for First Church, Cheyenne to demonstrate Christ's love and express that we are all in this together!   

2018 Summer Camps

at Camp Story

June & July
Story, WY

For more information:
Call Alicia Ford, Camp Director at 307.763.0919
or email

download flyer

Capital Improvement Updates for Camp Story

Dick Birkholz and his capital improvement team have been hard at work. Since camp ended in 2017, they have insulated and paneled the chapel with blue pine, insulated and paneled the lodge with knotty pine, and started on the insulating and paneling of Sheridan Cabin. Plans to have a ramada and garage built will take place in the Spring. They also plan to extend the deck on the lodge, build a nurse’s and cook’s cabin, finish paneling Sheridan, and put a new water heater in the lodge!! The transformations so far have been incredible! Pictured below is the remodel of Gillette Cabin with the bathroom:


Relief of Conscience

As a reminder, the Presbytery of Wyoming has a Relief of Conscience policy that can withhold payment of PerCapita to Synod or General Assembly. Members of churches desiring this should make the request through their local church session.

From the Minutes of Presbytery – September 2013

Presbytery VOTED to approve the following Relief of Conscience Request from First Presbyterian Church, Cody WY.

Relief of Conscience Request by First Presbyterian Church of Cody Wyoming


"Memento Domine"

  • The Presbytery as it moves forward as a movement on God’s mission!
  • Peace in Syria, Palestine and Israel.
  • The people of Hawaii as they face new dangers every day from the eruptions on Kilauea.
  • The people of Guatemala as they struggle in the aftermath of Fuego’s volcanic eruption.
  • The people in Oriva Hills subdivision in Gillette as they work to heal, clean up and re-build after an EF3 tornado and three others touched down there Friday, June 1st.
  • Steve Shive as he embarks on his sabbatical.
  • Libby Tedder-Hugus and Shayla Graham as they lead pioneering work in the New Worshipping Communities in Casper and Pine Ridge!
  • Rev. Shayla Graham, pastor at Pine Ridge New Worshipping Community, for healing of the seventh cranium nerve after her surgery to remove a tumor on her auditory nerve.
  • Family and friends of Jack Swann, who passed away suddenly last Saturday, June 9th while in Jackson Hole attending his granddaughter's graduation ceremony.  Memorial service was Friday June 15th at 11:00am at the Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole.  Jack served as Parish Associate in Jackson for a number of years alongside Paul Hayden.  He will be dearly missed.
  • Glenn Flyr, elder in Guernsey, as he has treatment for bladder cancer.
  • Susan Crider-Lewis, bookkeeper for Presbytery, as she continues chemotherapy for recently diagnosed cancer.
  • Kristen Trohkimoinen, member of Shepherd of the Hills Church in Casper, as she continues her adventure as a Young Adult Volunteer in Peru.
  • The United Presbyterian Church of Riverton as they put their building on the market to sell and as they develop a Plan of Action for the next 2 to 3 years.
  • The General Assembly as it convenes June 16th - 23rd in St.Louis.  Commissioners from the Presbytery of Wyoming will be Elder Melinda Brazelle, FPC, Cheyenne and Minister Diana Hartman, Associate Pastor at FPC, Cheyenne. The Young Adult Adisory Delegate (YAAD) is Haley Walk from First Presbyterian Church, Mountain View.
  • Visa process for Rev. Ameet and those accompanying him for his visit to Presbytery of Wyoming in October be granted by the U.S. Consulate office.
  • Rev. Diana Hartman as she begins her Sabbatical for the months of May- July.
  • Rev. Jeff and Melanie Baxter as they move and settle into their home in Apache Junction, Arizona.  Their new address is: 3710 S. Goldfield Road #590, Apache Junction, AZ 85119
  • Rev, George Pasek and the Powell Church as they work together in the next months. George will be serving as their Stated Supply for several months.     
  • Church Youth Groups as they engage on mission trips, Churches as they host Vacation Bible Schools.
  • The group from First Presbyterian Church, Cheyenne as they venture on June 26th -28th to Shell to prepare and paint the Shell Community church

Upcoming Events

Jun 16-23
General Assembly

St Louis, MO

Jun 24
Celebrating 50 years

Star Valley United Church - Thayne

Jun 17-25
General Assembly

St Louis,MO

Jun 26-28
Shell Community Church Painting


Jun 30
GenOn Encounter

Laramie First United Methodist

July 4 - WyoConnect deadline

July 18 - WyoConnect deadline

Aug 2-5
Churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women


Oct 5-6
Presbytery Meeting

Camp Story

As  always, stay in touch through our Facebook page and website.

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